An analysis of the topic of the cults in our midst

The Alaska Monitor is essentially a reprint of the Washington Monitor and Freemason's Guide with a new title page, etc. There are groups of monitors which embrace the same exact wording, capitalization and punctuation for some sections, while other groups embrace another standard of exact wording, capitalization and punctuation.

Comparison of ciphers and rituals produced by the various Grand Lodges demonstrate that there are differences in wording, but no difference of character.

The Modern “Grace Message” — Revolution or Rebellion?

Check into every single precious metal dealer and you will see that their one-sided bull shit sales pitch is designed specifically to convince you that your financial safety relies on you buying gold and silver.

Ask yourself why every gold pumper always says the same thing, always makes excuses when gold and silver decline, never provide you with an exit strategy, and always insist you buy physical metals. Sometimes, the complete set is printed in a single volume for the use of the mentor.

Masonic Monitors are available from Ephesians 5: But those who are outside, God judges. See Free versus Paid Content.


The philosopher George Smith says that " Christian theologians have a strong tendency to read their own moral convictions into the ethics of Jesus. They explain that the term can also refer to the Messiah of the Jewish Mason, or the mediators of the Eastern religions whose members are Masons.

Most stories in holy books are about personalities - tales about what people are said to have done what. Some Grand Lodges publish Officer's Manuals. Furthermore, Jehovah means sovereignty.

The word and the truth of covenant will take on an entirely new meaning and significance in your life. Cry - The Hebrew word is a technical term describing the outcry that one might make for example to a judge.

Thus, the title Yahweh Elohim, "Lord God," together with implications throughout the creation narrative, pictures God as both transcendent and immanent.

Grand Lodges issue charters for new Lodges, regulate ritual, and publish and distribute printed materials. It was an ideal location to study the blossoming New Age cult scene of the s and s where Hare Krishnas and the Unification Church were actively soliciting members around the campus.

And they want it for free. There are thousands of books written by Masons for Masons. In arguing against extremism, Neil J.

Nevertheless, other passages on the topic speak of the progressive aspect of our being made holy in our practical state:The ultimate victims of mind control at Jonestown are the American people. If we fail to look beyond the constructed images given us by the television and the press, then our consciousness is manipulated, just as well as the Jonestown victims' was.

This original paper back () has now been updated, revised, and expanded in the 25th anniversary edition, released in March This book has helped thousands of ex-members and their families, therapists, clergy, as well as law enforcement understand the use of mind control techniques in cults.

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The Modern “Grace Message” — Revolution or Rebellion?

September 1, On today’s show: this year I did a series called Crawling Back To the Light because back inafter 7 years of hosting Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk show, I “came out” and admitted during an interview with Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias, that I was no longer "convinced".

A new religious movement (NRM) is a religious community or spiritual group of modern origins (since the mids), which has a peripheral place within its society's dominant religious culture.

An analysis of the topic of the cults in our midst
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