Classic car restoration business plan

The price of a reproduction chrome part versus rechroming made it desirable for me to go with remanufactured parts. New battery boxes are easy to come by through parts suppliers.

After seeing the car in person for the first time, my initial thoughts were, "where do I begin? What I found was a beautiful, shiney, defect free paint job.

After all of the wet sanding, I filled all of the more noticeable dings, and scratches with 3M Red Spot Putty.

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Since the original bumpers and overriders were in pretty bad shape, so I ordered remanufactured parts. Now to the running-rich problem.

My Question, Comment or Tip: One nice touch to add to that new box is a mat, preferrably of the acid resistant variety. If this is a first pass, remember that those linings may not be a perfect Fortunately, the carb body and guts were there.

Opening an Auto Customizing, Conversion, & Restoration Business

Our carburetor came in two Tupperware bowls stuck to the bottom in gasoline residue. Once the wheels were trued within. This must have been the solution since the third unit has worked fine. Nothing is perfect either.

The threaded part of those vertical rods goes through each end of the bracket and are secured by wing nuts on either side. I carefully masked off the painted surfaces, exposing only the primed exterior surface.

If you use the rachet method enough times, you will eventually wear the chisel point off the top of the spring-loaded actuating rod inside the brake handle. It has a high zinc content and protects against corrosion very much like galvanizing.

Our carb took right at a month from start to finish. If you currently own an auto customizing and restoration business, try these useful resources: Just give your adjusting screw a turn or two in the clockwise direction and repeat the process, making sure to put new chalk marks over your old ones.

One other area that can cause problems is the choke. Since I was painting with a polyurethane paint, I made sure I had a suitable respirator. I then sprayed them with zinc chromate etch primer, and top coated them with correct wire wheel paint I purchased from the Eastwood Company. I don't quite understand why the cam in my car is different, but the car runs great nonetheless, and the fact that it sat idle for so many years doesn't seem to have affected it in any way.

Restore An Old Car

Feeling good about this, I had him do the body tub and the rest of the steel body parts as well.Brake Restoration; Steering and Suspension; Electrical Systems; Emissions Systems; Classic Car Resources; Projects; About; Restoration Planning Guide.

After purchasing your project car or truck, work space, tools, supplies and cash lay-out come next. An old car restoration will require a minimum space of a two-car garage. Removing the interior takes even more space.

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Camaro Restoration Handbook HPBooks [Ron Sessions] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Camaro fever is sweeping the country! And with the help of the Camaro Restoration Handbook, you can restore your through Camaro either piece by piece.

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Theon Parseghian is a mechanic from upstate New York who completely transforms old vehicles by making them amphibious.

He's rebuilt a Volvo station wagon. Phaethon's Chariot Restorations automobile restoration business plan strategy and implementation summary. Phaethon's Chariot Restorations restores classic pre /5(28).

Benefits of Each Classic Car Insurer. Like regular car insurance, there are several parts with classic and collector car insurance.

Some insurers like J.C. Taylor require your classic car be at least 19 years old, while others like Grundy will insure a car of any age.

Phaethon's Chariot Restorations automobile restoration business plan executive summary. Phaethon's Chariot Restorations restores classic pre American cars, and custom builds hot rods/5(28).

Classic car restoration business plan
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